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Andrés Guerrero Serrano

viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Plants - Homeopathic and Medicinal Uses from a Botanical Family Perspective (4 vol.)

(Extraído de emryss.com)




A wonderful development in homeopathy in recent years has been the recognition of the shared characteristics of remedies in groups, an idea that has continued to bear fruit. There have been various methods of making the grouping divisions, including biological, chemical, morphological and symptomatological. There are several important and productive purposes in homeopathy for these kinds of divisions. They facilitate differentiation, maximise individualisation and make accessible potential remedies that are usually overlooked. In Plants, we have chosen to divide plants into their most up-to-date botanical divisions of families, orders or phyla and two functional groupings. The reasons for this will be elaborated below. Throughout the process of writing this book we have had three main missions, those of being the Corrector, Collector and Connector. Firstly, a great deal of information, especially plant identities, names and family memberships, had to be corrected. Secondly, botanical, medicinal, historical and symptomatological information was collected. A wide variety of sources, including some from very obscure places were pursued, then verified to assure reliability and authenticity. Finally, all the divergent information was connected to form a unity, a whole, an integrated life and therapeutic character of each grouping.

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