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Photons detected by magnetic resonance are efficious in homeopathy


Un control de calidad de la medición de los niveles de los remedios homeopáticos es posible, ya que Lenger, 1,2,3, detecta fotones con frecuencias en la región MHz en soluciones altamente ...

Photons detected by magnetic resonance are efficious in homeopathy

Photons detected by magnetic resonance are efficious in homeopathy Document Transcript

  • Licensee OA Publishing London 2014. Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) Lenger K, Lang G. Photons detected by magnetic resonance are efficious in homeopathy: A critical review. OA Alternative Medicine 2014 Feb 22;2(1):4. Competinginterests:nonedeclared.Conflictofinterests:nonedeclared. Allauthorscontributedtoconceptionanddesign,manuscriptpreparation,readandapprovedthefinalmanuscript. AllauthorsabidebytheAssociationforMedicalEthics(AME)ethicalrulesofdisclosure. Escuela Nacional de Medicina y Homeopatía Rafael Avila ENMH IPN México
  • Section: Homeopathy Photons detected by magnetic resonance are efficious in homeopathy: a critical review Lenger K, Lang G Karin Lenger Institute for Scientific Homeopathy dr.karin.lenger@t- online.de Günter Lang Coordinator Subcommittee Research, European Committee for Homeopathy, ECH; guenter.lang@natura- sanat.ch Corresponding author(s) Name Institute Email Karin Lenger Institute for Scientific Homeopathy dr.karin.lenger@t-online.de Abstract Introduction Homeopathy a complementary healing method curing body and mind was founded by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Hahnemann produced highly potentized remedies of minerals, plants, venoms, animals and succussed them 10 times after every dilution step. Due to the Avogadro constant, it had been clarified, that there are no molecules in the highly diluted solutions left. Using only some drops, patients had been cured according to Hahnemanns Law of Similars: Similia Similibus curentur; the patient‘s symptoms are similar to contamination symptoms of a distinct substance which is then used in high dilution in order to cure the patient’s symptoms.The actual reason of the patient’s healing could not be found out. Was it because of the patient’s belief or because of an energy? Many trials had been done, although nobody knew the conditions to start an experiment, that was reproducible. After the detection of photons in homeopathic remedies by Lenger a new thinking of homeopathic fundamental laws and research experiments is discussed in this critical review. Finally, a biochemical and biophysical model of homeopathic function is debated. Conclusion The credibility of homeopathy including the production of homeopathic remedies, the reproducibility of provings, clinical trials and research experiments will give homeopathy a chance to obtain a scientific base and appreciation in natural sciences.This is a prosperity for ill people being cured without any side effects and esoteric ideas.
  • Introduction Until now, there was no possibility to perform quality controls of homeopathic remedies. For some people it is ridiculous, that succussed dilutions having exceeded Avogadro constant should bring a healing effect in patients or successful clinical trials and research experiments. As long as it isn‘t clarified, what the working-mechanism of homeopathic remedies is, all homeopathic fundamental laws and trials are called in question. A quality control of measuring the levels of homeopathic remedies is possible, since Lenger,1,2,3, detected photons with frequencies in the MHz-region in highly potentized remedies by two different magnetic resonance methods. These results lead to new considerations about the Law of Similars, which can be now expressed quantumphysically as: The frequencies of the remedy-photons must match the frequencies of the patient. The different manufactoring methods of remedies must be investigated, because the question arises: Is an ethanolic distinct remedy comparable with an aqueous remedy of the same potency? A renewed consideration of provings, clinical trials, and biochemical and biophysical experiments has to be done. Finally, a biochemical, biophysical model of homeopathic function is discussed. Discussion Production of homeopathic remedies Dilutions There are different methods of production of homeopathic remedies. Hahnemann‘s presciptions of producing homeopathic remedies from ethanolic extracts (43%-87%, mother tinctures) of e.g. plants, insects, snake venoms to high potencies by dilution and succussion are originally described in the HAB4 . Diluton steps are 1:10, D- potencies, 1:100, C-potencies, 1:50000, LM1, LM2..or Q- potencies. Concentrations are maintained and succussion is done by hand 10 times. This method is called the several glass-vessel method. The one-glass-vessel method is applied to produce Korsakovian-potencies5 altering Hahnemann’s manufactoring of C-potencies. The concentration is not maintained exactly. Only a „drop“ is left in one vessel being refilled with ethanol and succussed. Fincke5 -potencies are stirred continuously alternating with water and ethanol. Another method describes that after the second potentizing steps ethanol is replaced by water. The two demanded last potencies are potentized in ethanol again6 . In some countries homeopathic remedies are produced in water5 . Medicated Saccharose globules4 are produced by pouring the ethanolic potency onto pure saccharose globules. Tablets are manufactured by dilution and trituration a dry substance in saccharose lactis4 Ethanolic and aqueous potencies - nanoparticles
  • Ethanolic (43%-87%) mother tinctures contain water soluble and ethanolic soluble substances. It is reported that nanoparticles7,8 exist in highly diluted and succussed homeopathic potencies after the Avogadro number meaning that no molecules do exist in these potencies. The Avogadro number says that 6 x 1023 solved particles exist in 1 Mole/l which can be potentized. Nanoparticles are not solved and cannot be potentized. These nanoparticles accompany the dilutions during the production process randomly. Here are some reasons: 1) The dilutions are not filtered or centrifuged during manufactoring; residual non soluble nanoparticles are in the mother tincture. 2) Nanoparticles can be produced by the succussion steps destroying the protein structures and denaturing proteins. 3) Nanoparticles9,10 are solved by the aqueous or ethanolic homeopathic remedies from the glass or polyethylene vessel. 4) During the manufactoring process a change from ethanol to water will result in the precipitation of the ethanolic soluble substances as nanoparticles. This step might have consequences for the produced remedy: its corresponding symptom picture in the Materia Medica11,12 obtained by provings is not that obtained with ethanolic remedies. Camomile solved in water (e.g.as a tea) and potentized is not the same as the remedy Chamomilla produced in ethanol. It is assumed that their resonance frequencies will differ from each other. Concerning those ethanolic low potencies replaced by water till 2 steps before the desired level again replaced by ethanol result in potentized water: The photons are probably created in low and high potencies by the succussion steps by an energy called Lorenz force.The produced photons magnetically bound to the carrier substances, water, ethanol and saccharose globules have higher affinities to bigger molecules1,2,3 . All photons of ethanolic dilutions had been transferred to saccharose globules3 confirmed by Lenger’s experiments3 . A separation of the photons3 from their carrier substance proved by measuring the potency levels by Lenger’s two methods1,2,3 . A distinct magnetic resonance frequency field separates the photons from their carrier substance2 and the number of photons is characteristic for each potency level1,3 . The stability of remedies increase with increasing molecule size of their carrier3, 13 . Photons The production of photons: E = h ∙ ѵ (Max Planck) from matter substance by succussion is only explainable by Einstein’s equation E = m ∙ c2 , describing that, matter changes into energy, and energy changes into matter, which can be seen as a compressed electromagnetic wave. Both equations can be equalised to the formula: h ∙ ѵ = m ∙ c2 (h= Planck constant, c= light velocity, ѵ = frequency, m= mass, frequency and mass are only variable)
  • Two hundred years ago Hahnemann detected the method how to change matter into energy by the production of remedies and vice versa. Healing by taking remedies means, helping the body to create a new healthy matter. Provings Healthy volunteers take a special remedy (e.g.C200) of a substance several times. They report about the proving symptoms of the body and mind11,12 , with opposite symptoms, indicating a stimulation or an inhibition of biochemical pathways, which may be dependend on the different congenital diseases of the volunteers. The used remedies, produced by different methods, containing different nanoparticles causing side effects7,8,9,10 will lead to non comparable results. If the remedies are produced, according to only one method to HAB4 and in glass vessels the proving symptoms then will be comparable with each other. In the provings enzymes are stimulated or inhibited, which shows the poisoning. Homeopaths neglect the toxicology, indicating which biochemical pathways are attackted and laboratory values are assuring that. It would give more credibility to homeopathy, if more laboratory values would be included. Provings with highly potentized remedies mean a poisoning with magnetic frequencies attacking the same biochemical pathways being attacked by the mother substance by this changing the frequencies of body and conciousness. Homeopathic treatment Often psychological problems cause a chronic illness. Only one similar remedy determined according to the Law of Similars is enough for curing all diseases of the body and consciousness. This remained as a „holy law“ for homeopathic doctors. Later on Hahnemann used even 5 remedies for one patient12 . Hahnemann told, that the chronic diseases will increase with time. Hahnemann did not know the biochemical substrates, enzymes and inhibitors of a living organism. He produced homeopathic remedies deriving from natural sources. It is difficult to determine the similar remedies for the patient’s psychological symptoms Today laboratory values and other medical investigations would be helpful, controlling the illness and the healing, also indicating from which disease the patient suffers and which biochemical pathways are pathologic. To find the similar remedies Lenger15 combined the homeopathic laws with biochemical pathways, according to Einstein‘s and Max Planck’s equation, that body and consciousness is only ONE, an electromagnetic wave packet. Therefore it is not necessary to differentiate between a psychological or a symptom of a body. Important is only to find characteristic symptoms of body and/or consciousness. Basing on Schüßler‘ biochemistry and on Harisch’s experiments16,17 Lenger developed a homeopathic biochemical therapy: substrates, inhibitors, enzymes in high potencies cured the pathological pathways of the patients15 and the laboratory
  • values became normal. Sequences of biochemical homeopathic remedies in high Korsakovian-potencies of the ill biochemical pathways had to be applied e.g each second day not only one C/D 200 in a month till the lab values became normal. The patients get their illness by going through different states like going down an energetic stair case, each step means a state of an illness and needs one homeopathic remedy for healing. The patient shows the last symptom picture of his chronic disease, mixed with symptoms of the illnesses between. So different remedies are necessary for curing such a patient15 climbing up the staircase to his healthy state using remedies involved in the pathological pathways. The photons of the biochemical substances, which are curing, are the original similar remedies. It is known, that enzymes need a lot of energy to perform the enzymatic reaction. Photons enhance the reaction energy on higher energy levels of the atoms. Förster18 said, that each chemical reaction works on a higher energetic level by uptake of energy by resonance. A living body consists of electromagnetic frequencies, the homeopathic remedies have frequencies in the MHz-region, where cells and enzymes are working19 . Therefore, if the Law of Similars is fullfilled, the homeopathic remedies as photons are working by resonance: there are two possibilities: to delete the ill frequency of the pathway or to enhance its amplitude. This underlines that the same remedy is able to cure an ill stimulation or an ill inhibition of the pathological pathways. Homeopathy is an electromagnetic regulation therapy. Today there are a lot of patients suffering from poisoning symptoms, e.g. caused by medicaments, by electrosmog, psychological symptoms cannot be detected.This is a state similar to a proving. Later on psychological symptoms will develop. The symptoms of the body will be checked and the remedies will be given healing simultaneously the pychological symptoms which had been developed. Chronic diseases Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis (Lues) are the chronic homeopathic inherited diseases. Many homeopaths tried to explain them. Ortega20 and Klein21 gave a more scientific explanation. In former times these 3 diseases were epidemics on earth. Slowly these illnesses had been adapted in the genetic material, according to Darwin: Psora, translated Lepra including tuberculosis caused by Mycobacteria leprae and Mycobacteria tuberculosae, is a part of the gene. People will get diseases similar to Lepra or to Tuberculosis. Sycosis means, that the people will get diseases similar to Gonorrhoeae or to an illness of Chlamydiae. Syphilis caused by Treponema pallidum means, that people will get diseases similar to Syphilis. A biochemical explanation arranges the remedies in the following way: substrates are psoric remedies, inhibitors are sycotic remedies, lethal inhibitors and trace elements are syphilitic remedies. Ortega20 said that each symptom picture of a remedy has symptoms of all 3 chronic diseases dependent on the size of their parts. If the psoric part is very big, then it is a psoric remedy, if the sycotic part is bigger, then it is a sycotic remedy and so on. Lenger developed sequencies of biochemical remedies involved in the pathological
  • pathways: Paralyses of nerv synapses need Naja trip. as syphiltic remedy, Atropinum purum as a sycotic remedy and Acetylcholinum as a psoric remedy15 . Research Clinical trials There are a lot of publications describing clinical trials22, 23, 24 . It is not possible to find out, if they are done with ethanolic or aqueous remedies. But it is obvious, that many are not reproducible and not able to prove homeopathy by these trials22,23,24 . Few trials with lab values do exist, the prove is mostly, that one symptom was cured by one remedy which is confirmed subjectively. If there had been a strong update of lab values and other investigations to control the healing, it would be believable and would underline the credibility of homeopathic clinical trials. Biochemical and biophysical trials There are a lot of biochemical, biophysical experiments25, 26, 27 using homeopathic remedies. Here we have the same problem, as mentioned with aqueous or ethanolic remedies. So it is easy to understand that some trials gave good evidence based results and some not. Secondly important Ives et.al.9 used healthy enzymes and aqueous remedies in their homeopathic, biochemical experiments. There are two mistakes. Healthy enzymes have a chance to go into a stimulation or an inhibiton state in a ratio of 50:50 under a homeopathic remedy, a so-called proving had been done creating simultaneously the opposite symptoms. In these experiments is no statistical relevance. The enzymes must either be stimulated or inhibited or being in an ill state, so that the investigated enzyme is forced to react only into one direction, to its healthy state by uptaking the remedies‘photons for obtaining its conformational change of DNA polymerase I by resonance28 . Biophysical investigations of remedies by UV-spectroscopy26 had been done and by Fluorescence emission spectra10 interpreted as spectra of nanoparticles. The photons of remedies can only be proved by magnetic resonance methods e.g. by Tesla-coils2 or by NMR30 . In general the electromagnetic and magnetic fields increase to be important more and more in biological systems31, 32,33, . Living systems emitt different photon-patterns in different states34 hereby underlining that a living organism changes his emitted photon pattern in ill states. Homeopathic remedies with suitable frequencies are able to attenuate them and to create a healthy state again. Biophysical model of homeopathic function A living organism is a compact electromagnetic wave with frequencies in a broad spectrum. In a diseases state its frequency pattern will change developing pathological pathways. Healing occurs by the uptake of the suitable remedies. The
  • photons of homeopathic remedies are separated by its magnetic frequency from their carrier substance, water, ethanol, saccharose. The magnetic field with distinct frequencies of the pathological pathway attrack the photons with the same frequency from the carrier substance and act by resonance: either attenuating the ill making frequencies or by stimulation the amplitude. Conclusion It is neccessary to develop Lenger’s methods a) Tesla-coils2 , b)Delayed luminescence measured by a photomultiplier1,3 to perform quality controls of homeopathic remedies procedured by water and ethanol. The manufactoring of homeopathic remedies should be restricted to the only one original method to HAB4 and to the application of only glass vessels to avoid different sorts of nanoparticles to assure the reproducibility of provings, symptom pictures, clinical trials, biochemical and biophysical research. It is demanded that provings and homeopathic treatments of patients are controlled by laboratory values and other medical investigations under consideration of toxicology and biochemistry. References 1. Lenger K, R.P. Bajpai RP, Drexel M. Delayed luminescence of high homeopathic potencies on sugar globuli. Homeopathy 2008; 97(3): 134-140 2. Lenger K. Homeopathic potencies identified by a new magnetic resonance method. Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine 2006; 15(3): 225–243. 3. Lenger K, RP Bajpai, Spielmann M. Identification of unknown homeopathic remedies by delayed luminescence. CBB 2014 March; 68 (2):321-334. DOI: 10.1007/s12013-013-9712-7 4. Homöopathisches Arzneibuch HAB. Stuttgart: Deutscher Apothekerverlag; 2009 5. Gaier H. Potentizing Methods. In Thorsons Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Homeopathy. London: Thorsons Harper Collins Publishers:1991: 432-467 6. http://remedybank, LABOTICS BVBA, Belgium 7. Chikramane PS, Suresh AK, Bellare JR, Kane SG.Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective. Homeopathy 2010 May; 99:231-242 8. Chikramane PS, Kalita D, Suresh AK, Kane SG, Bellare JR. Why extreme dilutions reach non-zero asymtotes: a nanoparticulate hypothesis based on froth flotation.Langmuir 2012; dx.doi.org/10.1021/Ia303477s I Langmuir XXXX, XXX, XXX- XXX 9. Ives JA, Moffet JR, Arun P, Lam D, Todorov TI, Brothers AB, Anick DJ, Centeno J, Namboodiri MAA, Wayne. BJ. Enzyme stabilization by glass derived silicates in glass-exposed aqueous solutions. Homeopathy 2010; 99:15-24. 10. Bhattacharyya SS, Mandal SK, Biswas R, Paul S, Pathak S, Boujedaini N, Belon P, Khuda-Buksh AR. In Vitro studies demonstrate anticancer activity of an alkaloid of the plant Gelsemium Sempervirens.Soc.Exp Biol Med 2008 August; DOI:10.3181/0805-RM-181:1591-1601 11. Hahnemann S. Hahnemanns Arzneimittellehre, D- 79400 Kandern, Narayana Verlag 2007 12. Vermeulen Frans. Concordant Reference. Complete Classic Materia Medica. Assesse, Belgium, B.Jain Archibel, 2011. 13. De Alvarenga ES, Marques de Oliveira AP, da Silva RTB, Casali VWD. Effect of
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  • 33. Cifra M, Fields JZ, Farhadi A. Electromagnetic cellular interactions. Prog Biophys Mol Biol 2011, 105: 223-246 34. Van Wijk EPA, Bosman S, Van Wijk R.Using ultra-weak photon emission to determine the effect of oligomeric proanthocyanidins on oxidative stress of human skin. J Photochem Photobiol,B, 2010, 98: 199-206 Competing interest: none declared. Conflict of interests: none declared All authors contributed to conception and design, manuscript preparation, read and approved the final manuscript. All authors abide the Association for Medical Ethics (AME) ethical rules of disclosure.

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