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miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012

Homeopathy Thyroid Remedies for Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

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Article by Britney Smith

The thyroid is one of those things that we never give a second thought until it starts to malfunction. The thyroid is part of our body’s endocrine system and the thyroid gland is located just under our voice box.

When the thyroid starts malfunctioning we find that we have trouble with our memory, weight, energy levels, relaxation, and women find that they have issues with fertility when the thyroid goes haywire. Because the thyroid is so important in the way we feel, homeopathy thyroid remedies have been heavily researched.

Who Develops Thyroid Problems?

Most of us know someone who has a thyroid condition. In the United States alone there are approximately 13 million people are struggling with their thyroid health. Women seem to be more likely to develop a thyroid condition than men.

Since most women exhibit signs of a malfunctioning thyroid after having children, experts believe that there is a direct correlation between childbirth and the thyroid. The good news is that women are also more likely to use homeopathy thyroid remedies to help repair their malfunctioning thyroid.

Types of Thyroid Problems

Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with a thyroid problem knows that they side affects are varied. Many people with faulty thyroids find they are struggling to gain or lose weight, are depressed, lose their hair, feel cold, have dry skin, catch every single cold, become constipated, are forgetful, and struggle with high cholesterol.

Women who are going through menopause often find that a faulty thyroid aggravates their hormonal issues. Homeopathy thyroid conditions can help lessen and even repair many of these issues. People who have an underactive thyroid have a condition called hypothyroidism. People whose thyroid is too active suffer from a condition called hyperthyroidism. The third thyroid malady is called thyroid nodules and is condition where the thyroids tissues grow too much and a small lump forms on the thyroid.

Helping to Deal with Your Thyroid Condition

Anyone who finds they are having a thyroid condition should immediately take action. The first thing they should do, even if they plan on using homeopathy thyroid remedies is to speak to their doctor. It is impossible for the average person to diagnose themselves. If your doctor says you have Hypothyroidism the homeopathy thyroid cures you should look into include Calcare phos, Calcarea, Lycopus, Thyroidinum, Calcarea carb, Lapis alb, Iodium, Thyroidinum, and Spongia. Women who are diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism often find that kelp, vitamin C and Bladderwack Thallus help. Thyromine is an herbal supplement that has been successful in maintaining thyroids.

If you are someone who wants to try homeopathy thyroid cures you should still tell your doctor that you suspect you may be developing a thyroid condition. Studies show that one in ten thyroid nodules are in fact cancerous.

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