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martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Juices for Detox: The Verdict

(Extraído de naturaltherapypages.com.au)

by Amanda Fraser

Juices for Detoxing: The Verdict
Detoxification is process of eliminating the harmful substances that have consumed our bodies. These harmful substances are found in the air as well as in our foods.
The environment contains many toxic substances that are inhaled or swallowed.  These substances accumulate in our systems which may clog them.
Our bodies are miracle creations where they will detoxify naturally.  These harmful substances go through systematic procedures that enable the toxins to be eliminated from the body:
  • Cell detoxification is carried out by specific enzymes;
  • The liver, kidneys and skin all work in detoxifying the body.  The liver being  the main detoxification organ.
  • An extremely important antioxidant called glutathione helps eliminate waste from our bodies and is found in every cell in the body.
What if our bodies are over exhausted by toxins?
In the environment in which we live where there is excessive pollution, stress and readily available processed foods, the body’s natural resources can become somewhat exhausted.  This is where outside resources come in handy.  This is where we make use of juicing for detoxification.
There are many ways in which juicing is employed – some good, some harmful.  It is always important to seek the advice of a naturopath or nutritionist when embarking on juicing for detoxification.  Juicing should be used under their supervision.  Juicing should be looked upon as supplementary in supporting the body and should be used with a balanced diet.
Juicing for Detox
Juicing can be a means of obtaining all the important minerals and vitamins our bodies, in times of stress, so desperately need in order to strengthen and support all our vital organs and tissues, and build our immune system.
It is important to be aware that, when using juicing as a detox, the fibre content is greatly reduced as most juicers will extract the fibre as they juice.  This is also important to note when it comes to bowel disease such as IBD or crohns disease.  Often these groups of people are not able to tolerate the fibre found in fruits and vegetables.  Due to this, they eliminate these foods from their diet eliminating the vast array of nutrients these foods have to offer.
Some people have found that juicing from raw fruits and vegetables has been able to provide these nutrients whilst being easy on the digestive system.
Which fruits to use?
  • Antioxidant fruits such as tomatoes, blueberries.  Research has shown that fibre may exacerbate symptoms of bowel disease in some individuals.  It is best to avoid high fibre foods such as apple;
  • Oranges are high in Vitamin C.  This is a potent antioxidant that promotes wound healing as in the incidence of intestinal inflammation.  Oranges also contain folate.  Research has shown that individuals with colitis may be deficient in this vitamin;
  • It is important to note that a high intake of sugar in the form of fructose has the potential to exacerbate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.  It is therefore important to avoid fruits that are higher in fructose such as apple and grape.

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