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viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

Upper Respiratory Infection/ Hydrogen Peroxide/ Oil of Oregano vs. Antibiotics

(Extraído de homeopathyworldcommunity.com)

by Natasha LaBruce

Since I did not see anyone post about upper respiratory infections, I thought I would add a recent experience of using both a pharmaceutical and non-traditional medicine and comparing the results. About a month ago, I came home from an evening out with a severe sore throat developing that did not go away for 24 hours. This kind of sore throat let me know I was in for a ride and I had to act with something powerful to combat whatever had gotten to me.
Due to the severity of my symptoms, I decided I needed a strong antibiotic because it was slowing me down at work (I struggled with it for 2 weeks thinking it was a cold) So, I opted for a prescription of Augmentin (a less expensive, suped-up version of amoxicillin) and took it for 10 days with minimal results.

I actually decided to refill the prescription because I was going on vacation in 5 days and was concerned about how ineffective it had been so far. After 15 days on antibiotics, the RX prescription only provided some relief but did not actually seem to kick the problem from my body.

I went on my trip, and arriving at the ocean and breathing in salty air actually started my recovery. After 6 days of fresh air, I returned home thinking I may have finally won the battle now that I could breath again. I began taking Probiotics for a week to help replenish the good bacteria in my body until I felt as if this tickle in my throat/lungs was actually trying to come back to take me for a second ride.

This time I acted quickly and decided to go homeopathic. I first made a small spray bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide (only use 3% maximum as a higher percentage is too strong) and used this as an inhalant to kill the bacteria in my lungs. This actually oxidizes the area and kills whatever bacteria and virus is lurking. Just spray into the back of the throat and inhale deeply (you can read more about this online). This is most effective when used in the first 6 hours of cold/flu symptoms. I used it 3X daily for 4 days to reduce the severity of what was trying to attack my lungs.

Secondly, I used Wild Oil of Oregano to combat the bacteria/fungus/virus. I took 3 drops daily in my water for about a week and this seemed more effective than the initial antibiotics. This is not recommended for young children or pregnant women, and because it is so strong, do not take at the same time as an antibiotic. Using both would be harmful to your system. All of this information came directly from my father who is a traditional ear, nose, and throat doctor.

The moral to this story is fresh ocean air, hydrogen peroxide, and oil of oregano were more effective to my severe upper respiratory infection than a traditional antibiotic was. Hope this helps someone during flu season!

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