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martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

Dr Rajan Sankaran: 2nd Live Cases Seminar


25 - 27 October 

Holiday Inn Regents Park, 

London, UK

Homeopathic education is a rich tapestry of learning built of many strands. Undoubtedly amongst the finest of these is to take part in a live cases seminar with one of the masters of homeopathy.  A chance to bring our own knowledge and experience to bear and to build on this together with colleagues from around the country and abroad. 

Following a highly successful seminar in March which received very positive feedback, Dr Rajan Sankaran will again be conducting three days of live case taking in London in October of this year. 

We attach details of this second seminar which comes at the request of delegates to the March event who realised the huge learning potential of taking part in the case taking process at that level.   As Rajan will be in Germany in October he has agreed to add London to his schedule.

The Format

The Seminar will follow the same format as the previous one with teaching arising from the observation of and analysis of the live case taking and the  materia medica covered will depend on the patients.

But What of The Follow-Ups?

Responses to the homeopathic prescription are as we all know as individual as the patients themselves and often test our confidence at sticking to the selected remedy, however well chosen. Therefore the follow ups are as invaluable as the actual case taking as a learning tool.  This will therefore be an on-going process with delegates provided with progress reports on the patients at regular intervals.  

As we are hoping that live case taking seminars with Rajan will become an annual event in the UK (as they are in Germany), the patients are also invited back to give their follow ups, to ensure continuity of care for the patient, and continuity of learning for participants.

For further details, please go to the Pinnacle website, or contact us:

Telephone: + 44 (0)20 8946 2650



Hoping to see you in October.

Warm regards,

Clare, Ilana, Penny

Pinnacle Seminars

99 Cottenham Park Road


SW20 0DS

tel. +44 (0)20 8946 2650

e: pinnacleseminars@dsl.pipex.com


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