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martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Dr. Rajan Sankaran's Complete Online Discussion Forum, Mentoring and Training Program


Dear Colleague,

Greetings !

We hope this finds you well.  

We are pleased to announce that our new course is ready!!

New possibilities in the E-Learning Program 

Synergy Homeopathic (formerly Kent Homeopathy Associates ) in collaboration with The Other Song - International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy presents:

Dr. Rajan Sankaran's Complete Online Discussion Forum, Mentoring and Training Program

A specially designed, one of a kind, online Homoeopathy educational program. It is a comprehensive training and mentoring program, complete with an online discussion forum, test series and much more available online to practitioners and students all around the globe.

Over 1500 participants, over 42 countries from all over the globe have been already benefited by this Lecture Series!!
We thank you all for your continued support and contributions to form this unique course.

What's in it for you?

  • 60+ lecture series based on WWR 1 and other lectures by Dr. Rajan Sankaran
  • 21 months of online learning and training program, Online forum discussion
  • Full access to Mentor based learning and training opportunities
  • Test series and personal evaluation which will boost your confidence in practice
  • Discount offers on HMP books & Homoeopathic software

Contact us

Kindly find below PDF presentation that gives a run through of the new course from the new e-learning system:


Take a look and see what you think. This is the best training model for everyone!
Open for all Homoeopaths, students & practitioners   

Registration started, 

Course Begins on 20th October 2013

Special group Discounts and offers for institutions on group basis available

For registration and payment details please visit:


For queries and registration please e-mail us at:


For registration only, please call: (1) 415-895-5777

Online registration - click here (bottom of the page)

Best wishes and Thanks,    

Essential Homoeopathy team

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