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martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Healthy Habit #1: A Glass of Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

(Extraído de fitness.popsugar.com.au)

by Alison Larsen

Often, it's all the little things we do to keep ourselves fit and healthy that make all the difference. Developing healthy habits takes a bit of perseverance, but in the end, doing them will become second nature. One of the main philosophy principles of Ayurvedic medicine is that as human beings, we are responsible for our choices and actions. While this ancient practice relies on both preventative and curative approaches to medicine, it's the periodic regimens on the preventative side we find most beneficial to leading a balanced daily life.

You've probably read about drinking a glass of warm lemon water every morning, but if you've slept in or you don't necessarily desire it upon waking, this healthy habit can be a hard one to keep. While we could write a long list of benefits, the main things you'll start to notice include increased immune strength, better digestion (which can help with weight loss), clearer skin and an energised mind.

The key to maintaining this healthy habit is to make it simple to perform first thing in the morning. On a Sunday night, pre-slice your lemon, place in a zip lock bag and store in the fridge. In the morning, boil the kettle and place your lemon in a tall glass. Fill the glass with one quarter boiling water, two quarters room temperature or cold water. Just ensure it is filtered. Then, sip while you get ready for your day!

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