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lunes, 10 de junio de 2013

Seminario de Louis Klein en Bratislava


Dear colleagues, we´re inviting you cordially to attend a seminar of


June 22nd - 24th 2013 in Bratislava (Slovakia)

Neurological Diseases
Burn out Syndrome
Many unknown Acids
Emotional Trauma
The Jilted Lover

Because of enourmous success of former two seminars in Slovakia Louis Klein is coming again to share his knowledge and experience.

I´m considering Louis Klein to be one of the best leaders of homeopathy these days. Louis is innovative, pragmatic and exciting in his practice and teaching. During his seminars we can feel that we are exploring completely new reality of the homeopathic world, however perfectly fitting with the context of our common homeopathic knowledge.
Main themes of this seminar will be neurological diseases, emotional traumas, disappointed love, burn out syndrome, acids, solving difficult cases, treating of patients who are on allopathic drugs.
All themes will be demonstrated by video cases.

What people say about seminars of Louis Klein:
I get information from Lou Klein that I can't get from anyone else; information that has given me a more practical grasp of remedies I've studied elsewhere and allowed me to successfully prescribe remedies that I've only learned about through Lou." - John Ourant, HMC

"After studying with Lou for over 15 years, he continues to amaze me with his ability to cut through the story to perceive what truly needs to be healed. His cutting edge materia medica, visual and verbal acuity, and understanding of human nature, make him a teacher unparalleled." - Savitri Clarke, CCH, Lic.Ac.RSHom(NA)

Place: Congress hall of Hotel Nivy, Líšcie Nivy 3, Bratislava - www.hotelnivy.sk

How to reach:
Bratislava is Capital of Slovakia (Central Europe) with highways to surrounding countries and good train connections.
Vienna airport in Schwechat is 49 km from Bratislava, connected by bus.
Bratislava airport (Ryanair, Corendon Airlines...).

Time schedule
3 days: 22. - 24. 6. 2013. We´ll start by registration on Saturday since 8.00 till 9.00. Lectures: 9.00 - 17.00, on Monday 9.00 till 15.00.
English, sequentially translated to Slovak.
Seminar fee:

105,- Euro.

REGISTRATION: petroci@gmail.com
Tel.: 052 - 77 630 20, Mob.: 0948 - 127 733

Participants can have the accommodation with a discounted price in Hotel Nivy, Bratislava if they are included in our group order. Our price of the double room is 41,6 Euro, single room is 31,6 Euro. (These prices are local tax included.)

We are looking forward to meet you,

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