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jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

A Dance through Homeopathy: Sensation and Relation.

21-24 June 2013: Celebrating 25 years Hahnemann Institute

In this seminar, Alize Timmerman of the Hahnemann Institute will take you on a journey reviewing Homeopathy and the treatment of Disorders in Families and the treatment of Chronic Diseases. On both topics Alize earlier has presented seminars, now information collected through the years come together in a comprehensive approach of Family Treatment and Treatment of Chronic Diseases. The seminar will focus on items as:

· Family Sensations/miasms in families: The Child which is the Simile for the family!

· Exercising the inner bodily Sensation.

· Problems in interactions between generations and siblings

· The importance of an open anamnesis, based on a structured approach of the case

· Homeopathy in the final stages of life together with Wiet van Helmond.

· Homeopathy as a tool in the detoxification of the body after allopathic drugs: Coordination Allopathy and Homeopathie

· Discussion about some plant groups related to human development issues  (e.g. Apocynaceae and Loganiaceae)

Alize will share her knowledge accumulated in over 30 years of practical experience with long term treatment of chronic diseases. She sees healing as a creative process and elicits from her patients input and commitment for their own healing. Participants are welcome to share their own experiences and are invited to participate in exercises.

The venue of the Seminar is the Hahnemann Institute in The Hague. Due to the interactive parts of the seminar, the number of participants is limited to 30. Related to the 25th anniversary of the Hahnemann Institute, the cost of the seminar is only € 300. Jenna Shamat organizes coffee, tea, sweets, lunches and two evening meals. Cost of catering is € 80 for the whole seminar (payable at the door to Jenna).

Application (before May 15) to:

Hahnemann Instituut Nederland, Jan van Nassaustraat 111, 2596 BS Den Haag. Mail: hin@hahnemanninstituut.nl.                              www.hahnemanninstituut.nl

Because of or 25 year jubilee the book will be a gift to the participants of the seminar. The book is received very well in Conferences and seen as a great addition to the homeopathic library. See under the content the book introduced in the seminar.

Homeopathic Treatment during Human Development

Alize Timmerman


Part 1: Pregnancy, Birth and Development

· Placenta (co-author A.Hair; Homeopathic Links 2013)

· Amniotic Fluid (Homeopathic Links 2012)

· Umbilical cord (co-author W.Jager; Homeopathic Links 2012)

· Oxytocin (Spectrum of Homeopathy 2013)

· Vernix caseosa (co-author K.Haukaa; Homeopathic Links 2013)

· Nurture and connection –Amniotic Fluid, Lac humanum- (The Homeopath 2012)

· Lac humanum (Homeopathy of Milk; Homeopathic Links: 2002)

· Carbos (Homeopathic Links 2008)

· Diamond (co-author Petie Zantvoort; Homeopathic Heritage 2013)

· Female development -Sepia & Trituration- (Homeopathic Links 2006)

· Hippocampus kuda (co-author J.Kindt: not yet submitted to a journal)

· DNA (Homeopathic Heritage, 2013)

· Papilio lowi (co-author J.Shamat; Similia, Australian Journal of Homœopathic Medicine 2013)

Part 2: Family relations

· Family Factor in treatment of children (Homeopathic Links2010)

· Despair and Disease - (The Homeopath 2012)

· Lac lupinum (The Homeopath 2011)

· Exiting household -Lac caninum & Lac leoninum- (Spectrum of Homeopathy 2012)

· Lac leoninum (Homeopathy of Milk; Homeopathic Links 2002)

Part 3: Trauma

· Buddleia davidii. Tool for Trauma Treatment (co-author W. van Helmond; Similia, Australian Journal of Homœopathic Medicine 2013)

· Thuja occidentalis. Treatment of the Dissociated Self (2011)

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