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viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

We must save Glasgow's homeopathic hospital

(Extraído de eveningtimes.co.uk)

By Catriona Stewart

Everyone seems surprised by the high winds and rain we are getting. Well, let me tell you, I knew that I wouldn't be able to play much golf this winter so I made plans to fly to Portugal way back in September. It's Scotland, it's doesn't change from year to year. Departing for the Algarve this week...hello sunshine.

John Campbell, Milngavie, posted online

The murder rate for Glasgow, and Scotland, has been falling for a number of years. Some 10 in 6 months, say 20 in a year, is nowhere near where it was five or more years ago where it was averaging 30 or more every year between 2001 and 2008, reaching 40 in 2002.

It's still high but it's going the right way. As for Scotland, 60 murders in a population of five million means it would have the 35th lowest murder rate out of 218 countries. It isn't as bad as it looks.

Iain MacDonald, Irvine, posted online

Facebook has security settings whereby you can restrict who sees your profile and posts - thus eliminating the risk of Joe Public, etc. "spying" on you.

I can spot scams a mile away. They usually contain poor English; don't address me by name; ask for money or a username/password; or come from companies and services I've never had dealings with.

Also, on most internet browsers, hovering the mouse pointer over (but not clicking on) links will result in a small line of text being displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the browser window. This tells you exactly where the link will take you. So if you expect to go to Facebook, but see <something-else>.com, don't click. A few moments of diligence can save a lot of grief.

Craig McEwan, posted online

I was very concerned to read Caroline Wilson's article about cuts to the Homeopathic Hospital and want to add my voice to what I am sure will be a growing number of patients worried by its possible closure.

I have been seeing a homeopathic practitioner for over 20 years and it was she who suggested I ask my GP to refer me to the hospital. I cannot tell you how glad I am to be a patient there. I currently only visit my GP's surgery for annual checks, thus saving on Health Service costs.

If the Evening Times plans to run one of its great campaigns to save the hospital, you will certainly have my backing!

Jean Brown

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