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miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

The Complete Natural Medicine Guide

(Extraído de Breast Cancer Site)

Gail Armanini
BellaOnline's Breast Cancer Editor


I've always believed strongly that natural, holistic prevention and treatment play a vital role in our health and that they should be used synergistically whenever possible with conventional, allopathic treatment. As I sought more information for my personal situation dealing with breast cancer, I found myself immediately drawn to the writings of naturopath Sat Dharam Kaur. Dr. Kaur developed the Healthy Breast Program and wrote one of the most definitive books on natural breast cancer prevention and treatment – The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer.
The Guide is a prime resource for tools we can put into practice on a daily basis, not only for breast health and cancer prevention, but also as a guide for healthy living every day. In easy-to-understand language, Dr. Kaur takes us through the process of breast development and the effects our very toxic environment has on delicate breast tissue.
Should we be faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, Dr. Kaur explains the conventional treatment protocols and offers suggestions of how to incorporate natural healing remedies along with our conventional treatment -- the best of both worlds.
Dr. Kaur is a strong proponent of using natural ingredients from the garden and pantry to maintain breast health, and one of my favorite sections in the Guide is called Our Kitchen Pharmacies. You'd be surprised! For instance, did you know that tumeric powder (one of the main ingredients in Indian curries) has been shown to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells? (Laboratory studies confirm this and clinical trials are ongoing.) Genistein (derived from soy) shows similar properties, and rosemary and sage act as aggressive antioxidants to protect breast health.
Patients undergoing chemotherapy must check with their doctor first; otherwise, using these ingredients as part of healthy meal planning will enhance our efforts to maintain healthy breasts.
The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer discusses much more than just spices we might use in cooking. Dr. Kaur provides a wealth of knowledge on everything from heredity risk factors to dietary risk factors, from environmental risk factors to psychological and spiritual risk factors related to breast cancer. For every risk, she offers a healthy counterpoint that we can use as we learn to take control of, and responsibility for, our health and well being.
In her introduction to The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer, Dr. Kaur explains her motivation for sharing her extensive knowledge on the subject of breast health:
As I read more articles about breast cancer, I was not only astounded by the connection between the deteriorating environment and cancer development in our age but also angered by the cover-up of this knowledge. My passion to communicate this knowledge grew. I started to visualize women all over the world getting together in small groups–supporting each other, educating each other, claiming their identities, preventing the disease in themselves, and taking an active role in preserving the environment. I felt inter-species grief resonating in my heart. The grief of mothers unable to nurse their young and unable to nurture themselves because the soil, the air, and the water have become inhospitable to life. The grief of bald eagles who see the shells of their offspring shatter unnaturally beneath their weight; the grief of St. Lawrence beluga whales dying of cancer, their carcasses hazardous waste because of the chemicals they contain. I heard the painful cries of future generations robbed of children because their hormones have been tampered with. It is the feminine principle, the right to raise offspring, that is being violated. . . Breast cancer is the call to arms.
When you think about it, breast cancer really IS a call to arms. We must never lose sight of the battle that still needs to be fought, in honor of those who have succumbed before us and, more importantly, in defense of those who depend on us to win the battle.

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