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domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

Tongue that does not Lie

(Extraído de narayana.com)

By Prakash Vakil

How to use Tongue Symptoms in Homeopathy

€ 15,00

Prakash Vakil: Tongue that does not Lie

92 pages, hb
will be available 2011
product no. 10354

Expected date of publication: October 2011. Introductory price € 15 for preorders, then € 18

Prakash Vakil was a homeopathic pioneer with an exceptionally open mind using many uncommon symptoms for finding the right homeopathic remedy. In this booklet he describes in detail and with many color pictures how the tongue can be used for finding the simillimum.
In different schools of medicines, the tongue is used as a specific tool of diagnosis. In olden time, Ayurvedic physicians could prescribe just by looking at the tongue of the patient and examining the pulse. The tongue is not only a mirrow of the stomach but it reflects the patient as a whole.
Many repertories have special chapters on "Tongue". Vakil studied those sources thoroughly and made an evaluation and assessment of the types of tongue described in homeopathic literature. Then he clinically confirmed the tongue descriptions and added clinical findings, which had not been previously published. He carried out these studies for more than 20 years.
A useful guide which helps to sharpen the clinical observation skills and which provides valuable hints for homeopathic prescribing.

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