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domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Gloucestershire homeopathy expert attacked on internet for views

(Extraído de This is Gloucestershire)

Author: Peter Adams

By freddie whittaker freddie.whittaker@glosmedia.co.uk

AN alternative healthcare advocate is preparing to publish a book on homeopathy – but he has already been attacked on the internet for his views.

Peter Adams, owner of the Stroud Natural Health Clinic and former practitioner in homeopathy, says he wants to silence his critics with the new book.

But the book has already faced a barrage of criticism on the web with one commenter saying: "Inviting the internet to his pro-homeopathy science book launch was Peter Adams' first ever tweet. Here beginneth the learning curve."

Another added: "So, this book – is it completely blank inside, but somehow conveys a powerful meaning despite lacking any actual content?"

Mr Adams' book Homeopathy: Good Science will be launched at the Gloucester Guildhall tomorrow. The author, 61, said he understood his critics but argued science was now on his side.

"First of all I understand the scepticism, because I was sceptical about it about 35 years ago," he said.

"I would say to any sceptics that there is evidence it works, there is a scientific explanation for why it works, and mainly, it works."

He said it was an interest in science that led him to write his fifth book.

He said: "There is a question of potency, because the remedies are phenomenally dilute so it seems like there's nothing in them, when in fact there is something very powerful.

"It's not just about treating one disease, either. Homeopathy treats the whole system."

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