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viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011

The Dilemma of the Repeated Dose

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Grant Bentley
14 de septiembre de 2011 22:18

Hi everyone,
Let me start this discussion by stating that I have been in private practice and have taught undergraduate homeopathy for nearly 20 years. This means I have heard of Hahnemann and I have read (more than once) the Organon. However, I am also aware that homeopaths around the world often practice differently to what is written in the Organon and yet just as often their practices are effective.
More than any other topic it is posology and the HFA use of repeated doses of centesimal potencies that causes the most controversy. Every lecture I give and every book I write means another influx of selected aphorisms that denounce the repetition of centesimal potencies despite the fact that I say constantly ‘if you have a problem with repeating the centesimals then just use LM’s instead’. So please no more aphorism throwing.
That being said what strikes me most about cases such as this, is not that the remedy worked – and without the predicted complications – but that people keep demanding that the remedy shouldn’t have worked because it broke the rules. This lymphoma case is just one of hundreds of cases by various HFA practitioners that have been successfully treated without complication or disaster. The statement ‘a case should not be done this way’ surely must be replaced by the more rational question of why did this case with its repetition of centesimals and the hundreds of other real cases like it, work so effectively without complication?
Personally I think it’s time to expand our homeopathic possibilities, to examine what works in the clinic and to learn from it. To drop the argument of what theoretically shouldn’t work and to implement the attitude of lets accept what has worked and question ‘where does this new information take us?’
HFA is a new way of looking at chronic disease and I will try and explain as much as I can given my time constraints and the nature of this forum, but I am not getting into Aphorism debates and while I am willing to be open and to explain my thoughts, I am not here to make myself accountable.
However I would like to say this, at the heart of my change regarding the repetition of potency is the understanding I gained about chronic disease and the knowledge that it is not a disease at all but an energetic outcome of the life and the stresses the patient experienced before its onset – but more of this at another time.
Grant Bentley

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